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Miami, Florida USA

The Glenn Curtiss House is a historic home in Miami Springs, Florida located at 500 Deer Run. On December 21, 2001, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It is a historical landmark that was constructed in 1925 by aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss, developer of the Miami suburbs of Hialeah, and Opa-Locka, Florida, as well as Miami Springs, Florida, where the mansion is located. Curtiss lived at this large, two-story residence designed in the Pueblo Revival style, until his death in 1930.

Glenn Curtiss loved kids so much, he turned half of the mansion into a daycare, but when he found out his wife had an abortion he got mad and his wife burned the house down with Glenn Curtiss inside. There have been reports of lights going on and off also of ghosts playing tennis and some screaming at night.




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