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Unexplained Phenomenon

Jacksonville, Florida USA


Traveling slowly down Greenbriar Road late at night may be hazardous to your mental health if the Greenbriar Light decides to follow you. Motorists say this mysterious ball of light appears from out of nowhere and bobs along behind their cars, sometimes hovering over them, but never passing on the road. Reports were so numerous that the Sheriff's Department dispatched scientists to investigate the mysterious luminescence. No explanation could be found. However, locals connect the light to the untimely death of a young man on a motorcycle, decapitated when his bike hit a cable in the road.

Supposedly the Greenbriar Light is the solitary beacon of his motorcycle, searching the road endlessly for the missing head of its driver. The light actually came from the very end of Greenbrier (which at that time was a dirt road) where SR 210 heads directly towards it and then curves away. A witness recently reports they have been out there many years ago and it was a little scary in the middle of the woods on a dirt road seeing what looked like one headlight coming towards you and then one brake light going away.

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