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Orlando, Florida USA


They say you can still hear the footsteps of John L. Overstreet echoing in the halls of the third floor of the historic courthouse. Between 1905 and 1953, Overstreet walked the corridors of the building, first as a tax assessor and later as clerk of courts. Finding a bridge between the spiritual and physical world, some think that in death Overstreet continues his daily rituals inside the courthouse.

Outside the courthouse, the oaks offer cool shade on the well-manicured lawn as workers and residents buzz about on county business. One tree, however, has a reputation for more than blocking the sun. Some say they have seen visions of those who lost their lives under the so-called hanging tree.

Across the street in Grissom Park, swings supposedly move mysteriously by themselves and the merry-go-round turns, some say haunted by the spirit of a child who warns others to be wary of strangers.





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