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Haunted House

Binghamton, New York USA

About fifteen miles east of Binghamton, New York on Highway 17. A dangerous curve in the road has a reputation for being haunted. In the 1930's, the curve was the site of numerous accidents and deaths.

One evening, a salesman approached the area in a heavy rainstorm. He was driving slowly because he knew how treacherous the curve could be, when he saw a woman on the side of the road. The woman had a scarf over her head and she wore a white coat. Although she was not hitchhiking, he pulled over to ask if she needed a ride. She thanked him, opened the door, and got into the front seat. She asked to be let out at a house just past Devil's Elbow. She was shivering so badly that the driver wrapped his jacket around her shoulders. When he pulled over to the house, he noticed that both the girl and his jacket had disappeared. Only a puddle of water remained on the passenger's side.

In disbelief he was determined to retrieve his jacket. When an elderly woman came to the door, he told her about picking up the girl in the white coat and bringing her to that address. The woman told him there was nothing she could do. Whenever it storms in the late October, her daughter tries to come home again. She was killed in a crash at Devil's Elbow ten years earlier. Other tales of the Lady in White on highway 17 continued to be told for the next fifteen years.


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